Traditional diversification is not enough, a smoother path demands a proactive approach.

A gap exists, between what the market gives and what an investor often gets. We seek to reduce that gap using risk-managed ETFs.

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Behaviorally Sound

The odds of success go up when the investor can stick to the plan; Aptus funds exist to help harness the power of markets

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Ability to Adapt and Adjust

Designed to capture favorable markets while dynamically addressing risk, tax-efficiently

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Systematic processes built to minimize behavioral biases by managing risk without emotion

Ticker Fund Name Category AUM ($) Management Fee Factsheet Strategy Papers Prospectus
ADME Aptus Drawdown-Managed Equity ETF Hedged Equity 190,072,071.53 0.79% PDF PDF PDF
DRSK Aptus Defined Risk ETF Fixed Income 512,383,635.98 0.78% PDF PDF PDF
ACIO Aptus Collared Income Opportunity ETF Equity Income 169,095,974.41 0.79% PDF PDF PDF

There are managers who use explicit hedges, and those who implement active stock selection. But there are few who combine the benefits of each, in an ETF wrapper. These papers describe some of the unique value these funds seek to add to a portfolio.


Sporadic Asymmetry

Pursuing unique upside : downside opportunities through shorter time frames


IV Differential

Exploiting the math that a basket of options is valued higher than options on a basket


Managing Risk for Higher Return

Using hedges to more comfortably raise the equity allocation of a portfolio